How To Have Best Car Sex

Sex plays a big role in a healthy relationship. Couples have it to express their feelings towards their partner in a physical fashion. But sometimes, people like to spice things up and have some erotic moments with their partner. Car sex is one of the best ways to have some naughty and erotic moments with your partner. What bothers people the most is how to have the best car sex.

How To Have Better Car Sex Sometime

Having sex in a car is a great way to bring the steam back that has been missing in your life. But make sure to cover the car windows and try not to do it in the middle of a road. Safety is important but the sense of lack of full privacy can turn you on. Turn the AC up because things are going to get hot in there. So let’s have a look at some ways to have the best car sex.

You can start things off with foreplay. It is the best way to turn your partner on and set up the mood. After a few moments of foreplay and seducing your partner, you can go with oral to make things more erotic. Move to the back seat of the car and take your partner’s clothes off. If your partner is a guy, sit in his lap and give him a blowjob. Get him excited to the level that you want. And if your partner is a girl, you can try 69 on the back seat. One of the partners can kneel down and give oral to the other one as well. You can also use some toys to make things even more spiced up.

Keep doing it until your horses are on fire and there is no choice but to jump on your partner and have sex. You can go for soft sex if you like it. But the best way to do it in a car is by going hard on your partner. You can always enjoy BDSM in your car.


BDSM is one of the best options that you have in a car. Just have a look at it and you would find it yourself. There are seat belts on each of the seats. You can make your partner sit on one of the seats and buckle him up. Have him/her raise the hands over the head and tie them with the bra or bikini top. Use some other item that you were wearing to cover your partner’s eyes. Start with licking his/her body and a gentle spank. Raise the intensity gradually and take it to the maximum.

Start having hardcore sex on the seat and rock your partner. Do it till the guy reaches the no return point. Take it out just before you cum. Cum all over her body to end things the right way. It is going to be a hell of a ride for both of you. Make sure you keep tissues in your car to clean things up after a naughty and erotic adventure.


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